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Brian Bosworth and Tony Gonzalez Should Fight Crime Together

by Ryan Hudson

If you need your life saved anytime soon, make sure there is someone from the NFL nearby. A current or former player will suffice.

First, on Saturday, former NFL-disappointment Brian Bosworth helped rescue a woman from her SUV after she rolled it several times, finally landing in a ditch.

"I happened to tail in on the backside and there were ambulances and a fire truck. It looked like she rolled at least two or three times because the car ended up facing the opposite direction of oncoming traffic, upside down in the ditch," Bosworth said.

While helping, The Boz was "asked to take a piece of equipment down to the paramedics and once he got down to the victim, he said it was clear they needed more manpower."

Now, last night, his future crime fighting-partner, Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez, saved a man's life when he was choking to death.

Gonzalez, a nine-time Pro Bowl selection who has set numerous NFL records, was having dinner with his wife, brother and 5-week-old daughter at Capone's restaurant in Huntington Beach Thursday night. [Ken] Hunter, 45, was dining with his girlfriend at the next table when suddenly a piece of meat stuck in his throat.

The 6-foot-5 Gonzalez, about a foot taller than Hunter, jumped out of his chair and came up behind the stricken man and began to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

"Tony saved my life. There's no doubt," said Hunter.

With the way superhero movies are performing in the box office lately, this can't be far from production.

(H/T: AOL Fanhouse)