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Canseco Doesn't Have To Save People From Fire This Time

by Robbie Gillies

In The Simpsons episode "Homer At The Bat," Monty Burns hires real baseball players as ringers to play on his company softball team. Aside from Daryl Strawberry, every other major-leaguer misses the game for various reasons: Jose Canseco winds up having to pull everything out of a burning building. But, late last month, he was able to fulfill his destiny as a softball hero.

Barney's Beanery is a chain of bars in the Los Angeles area (they have karaoke seemingly EVERY night I go) and the four different Barney's Beanery's played each other in a softball tournament. But the Santa Monica location had a distinct advantage: they had recruited Jose Canseco, one of the greatest power hitters of his generation, to join their team. The Palisadian-Post reports:

Canseco crushed several home runs during the one-day tournament, one of which cleared the opposite field and landed in the parking lot over 350 feet away.

If only the other chains could find the cure to gigantism, they might have a shot at winning next time around.

(H/T: ShysterBall)