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Dilfer Ditches NFL Network For ESPN

by Robbie Gillies

Last week, Trent Dilfer announced his retirement from the NFL (yeah, I was shocked to learn he was still playing too). Dilfer played 13 seasons in the NFL and won Super Bowl XXXV with the Ravens. Although he didn't win the game's MVP, he did get to do the Disneyland commercial because Ray Lewis wasn't family-friendly enough.

Dilfer signed a 3-year deal with ESPN in which he will be an NFL studio analyst. He has already had experience in this field as a guest on the NFL Network. He has shown a great knowledge of the game and was able to quickly adapt to the studio environment. This is just another example of how the NFL Network can't keep up with the Worldwide Leader.

The NFL Network is like the farm club for ESPN talent. Dilfer was able to hone his craft at the NFLN before making the jump to ESPN (similar to Marcellus Wiley and Jesse Palmer). You can't blame these analysts for making the switch, for what is most likely more money and definitely more exposure. But, if the NFL Network wants to be the go-to source for NFL information and analysis, they better have the talent to do so, and losing someone like Dilfer is a step in the wrong direction.

But at least they don't have Emmitt Smith.