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Do Not Eat Near John Sterling

by Ryan Hudson

Due to past professions and internships, I have found myself in the media room of various sporting events a handful of times. At some point before the games, food is set out for the journalists and beat writers, and the stampede that follows is like something off the National Geographic channel. Their progression through a buffet line is seemingly robotic. Fortunately, I never experienced a dining hour with Yankees radio broadcaster John Sterling (from Page Six).

"Sterling has made a habit of walking over to the dessert table and dipping his finger into the ice cream barrel," one stadium worker told us...

During the Boston series, "He wandered over to the cake and pie section, broke off a piece of a cake slice, ate it and wiped his grimy hands on the linen tablecloth, leaving the remainder of the slice for someone else to eat - which indeed happened," our spy continued.

It is not terribly surprising that the man with the most annoying radio call in sports would have some grotesque eating habits.

Who knew that when he yelled, "It is high, it is far, it is gone!", he was referring to his calorie intake, the distance between him and a salad bar, and that piece of pie on your plate.

(H/T: Deadspin)