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ESPN Should Be All Over This

by Robbie Gillies

Frat boys and shut-ins alike have often dreamed of living the life that Tommy Adkisson leads: you see, Adkisson is a professional foosball player.

In fact, he is the third-ranked foosball player in the world, and makes a very healthy living at it. According to Oklahoma's CBS affiliate, Adkisson made between $60-$70K per year during the 90's, playing a game usually relegated to dank basements. Adkisson calls foosball "a mix between soccer and chess". So, Adkisson is kinda like the Beckham and Kasparov of foosball?

You think the chances are greater that this ends up on ESPN2, or gets turned into a Will Ferrell movie? I'm calling it a toss-up.

Honestly, I'm not super-impressed.

H/T: Deadspin