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Gimelstob's Game Could Use Work

by Robbie Gillies

It’s a classic pick-up technique. You put a girl down, or ‘neg’ her, and she’ll pay even more attention to you. Justin Gimelstob ‘negged’ Anna Kournikova back in mid-June on a morning radio show in the DC-area. He was on a press tour because he had just joined the Washington Kastles, a World Team Tennis franchise. Kournikova came up because his team was scheduled to play her team in late July. Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog shares Gimelstob's comments:

"She's a [bleep]," Gimelstob said of Anna, using a word that rhymes with "kitsch. "We're gonna kick her [bleep]..."

Well then. Will he talk junk to her on the court? "One hundred percent," he said. "If she's not crying by the time she walks off that court, then I did not do my job." Wait until you see on July 23, she's gonna be serving 40 miles an hour and I'm gonna be just plugging it down her throat....We do exhibitions together and I'll mock her, and make fun of her. I'll just make her know that she's stupid."

Alright, that might be a little much, but that's the general idea. You definitely have her attention. Now, the next step is to ignore her.

Oh Gimelstob, you have much to learn.

PICTURE COURTESY: Deadspin via Down The Line