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Hey Chicago, Enjoy The White Sox & Cubs, Because The Bears Will Be Bad

by Robbie Gillies
The Cubs are tied for the best record in baseball and the White Sox are in first place in the AL Central. Many Chicagoans are dreaming of an inter-city World Series Well, enjoy the baseball season because it's looking bleak for the Bears.

An anonymous source (could be an NFL scout, coach, or front-office personnel) told Pro Football Weekly:

The Bears have no offense. Who is their quarterback? Who is their running back? Who are their receivers? A guy who could not get on the field with Washington (WR Brandon Lloyd) is slated to start. They are going to be putting a lot of faith in a rookie left tackle and a rookie running back. They are bound to be down by 30 at halftime against Indianapolis in the opener with (defensive coordinator) Bob Babich still coordinating the defense. They could begin the season 0-4 and be right back to where they were when they made the mistake of selecting Cedric Benson. If you want to look at the quality of their backfield, just consider the guy they were counting on to be their starter (Benson) was passed by all 31 other teams on waivers. What does that tell you?

Not only did the Bears lose their top WR Bernard Berrian to free agency, but they lost him to a division opponent (Vikings). Their top RB, Cedric Benson, was waived before he could complete the trifecta of operating vehicles while intoxicating (boat and car. Hope he is working on his pilot license!). And then there's their QB Rex Grossman. Or is it Kyle Orton? Yikes. They did pick up Kevin Jones who looked impressive in workouts just five month after ACL surgery. But, they have no offensive weapon they can rely on. They are a Devin Hester injury away from being, by far the most boring and scoring deficient team in the NFL. Alright, so the Dolphins should be worse - although I hear Ricky Williams is lookin great!

On the defensive side of the ball they are one year older and took a huge step back last season. After being in the top five in yards allowed in '05 and '06, they fell all the way to 28th last season. Of course, injuries played a big part in the decline. Safety Nathan Vasher missed most of the season with a groin injury, and Tommie Harris and Lance Briggs played through pain. But, there's no reason to think injuries won't again decimate the Bears defense if they are forced to be on the field because their offense can't pick up a first down.

For the sake of that city, I hope the Bulls' Derrick Rose pans out or it's going to be a depressing winter in Chicago.

H/T: AOL Fanhouse