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NESN's Red Sox Announcers Continue to Be Goofy

by Ryan Hudson

Homerism aside, Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy are some of the best local announcers in baseball. They call the Red Sox games for NESN (New England Sports Network), and while they know their stuff, some of their more enjoyable moments occur when they talk about whatever is on their minds, which usually results in anything from them giggling to absolutely losing it on-air.

Their most recent laughing-fit took place last Sunday. First, the story (via Awful Announcing):

It was Vermont Day at Fenway Park...last Sunday[.] [I]n the break prior to coming back to the start of the game, Russ Kenn and I were telling Don and Jerry that we would be showing some scenic’s of Vermont for our opening billboards, and the conversation turned to talking about cows for some reason. We started to get silly and were speculating that the cows in the scenics were the same cows that were in the Connecticut scenics, or that they were actually professional cows from Hollywood who travel around the country acting for scenics.

The laughter started to build, and about 10 seconds before we got back it became uncontrollable. Don was unable to read the billboard copy because he was laughing so hard…Jerry was rolling in his chair with his finger on the “talk-back” button…the button that allows him to talk to the truck without his audio going out on the air.

Don was unable to read the lineup. Thankfully, it was Sunday, and we had a young lad reading the lineup for Junior Announcer Day. Jerry said a couple of words about the starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, and all he could muster for the defense was, “and it’s a good one.”

And now, the video:

Hey, it was either this, or something about Brett Favre playing for the Jets. Be thankful.