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Oldest Living Baseball Player Doesn't Care For Today's Baseball

by Jeff Briggs

John Rutherford at MSNBC talked to Bill Werber, the oldest living baseball player. The 100 year-old man admitted that he hadn't seen a game of baseball in "four or five years." Here is his classic old man reason for not liking the game:

I don't like the appearance of a lot of the players. The hair's too long. Their beards are too evident. They're a grubby-looking bunch of caterwaulers.


Of course the game was a lot tougher back in those days. Ballparks were placed on the side of mountains, and they used rocks instead of these newfangled "balls." Players would play for schillings, which were hurled upon them by the richest of the spectators. He went on to say he didn't care for talking pictures, was and still is against a woman's right to vote, and was never much for book learning.