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Phil Hellmuth Knows How To Make an Entrance

by Ryan Hudson

The 2008 World Series of Poker began over the weekend (so get ready for plenty of ESPN pocket-cam action coming soon), and Phil Hellmuth made quite the appearance.

That's Hellmuth in the picture, dressed as Gen. George Patton, riding in on an Army-style Jeep. (There's some more images over at Busted Coverage.) He was accompanied by 11 girls, "one for each bracelet," according to his site.
In 2008 I will be leading the UB army! This may the most over-the-top entrance to the WSOP that I've ever made!! There will be thousands of people there watching this spectacle while ESPN and the poker press record every second of it. I LOVE it!!! Meanwhile I am hoping one thing: that I make it to the end of day one.

Based on what we learned about Patton on this site earlier today, something tells me he would not approve of this stunt.