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Pushing Ballparks For Veggie Dogs

by Robbie Gillies

Johanna McCloy is an advocate for vegetarian alternatives in mainstream venues like major league ballparks. She was recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Times and I was shocked to find out that only half of all major league ballparks offer veggie dogs. McCloy is pushing for all MLB stadiums to offer the meatless alternative.

Her quest began in 2000 when she was, “introduced to baseball by a former boyfriend." She said she was, "blown away by the size and scope of a baseball stadium, so I thought when it came time to eat, 'There's going to be plenty of options,' and there weren't. I was a vegetarian, and I was naive."

Obviously she was naive to a lot of things. McCloy is now 43-years old, so in 2000 she was 35. At 35-years old, she was "introduced to baseball" and she was "blown away by the size and scope of a baseball stadium"? Baseball is as American as hot dogs...oh, yeah, that's right.

I'm all for meatless alternatives, and there should always be options for vegetarians, especially at a venue that holds 40,000+ people. Hey, the Dodgers might want to switch all their Dodger dogs to meatless products for Andruw Jones' sake.

I think the fat might be clogging his ears. He recently told the LA Times "When I hear the fans boo, I hear cheers...I hear the fans who are pushing for me."

The only fans that might be cheering you are Diamondbacks fans.