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Source Reveals Brett Favre Is Who We Thought He Is

by Robbie Gillies

There has always been this perception that Brett Favre is a gunslinger. That he’s a player that marches to his own tune. But, I never knew exactly what that meant. How much does he improvise? Does he really just go out there and do whatever he wants? A source of Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole weighs in:

“Brett is a sandlot guy. When (Mike) Holmgren was there, half the time he didn’t even run the play that Holmgren (called). He just threw it where he felt like,” the source said. “Go back to the Super Bowl (victory over New England in 1997). That first touchdown pass to (Andre) Rison. That wasn’t the play that was called.

“With Brett, what you’re going to do with him is find his 10 favorite plays and run those most of the time. Forget him learning your whole playbook. That’s not going to work for him.”

Wow, Brett Favre is a huge pain. Can you imagine trying to coach him? I swear that a southern accent is the key to committing murder. Flash a smile and say a few folksy metaphors in that southern twang and you can get away with anything.