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Tase Me, Bro

by Ryan Hudson

In a recent ranking of the "Top 5 Toughest Ravens," offensive tackle Marshal Yanda came in at number four. How he was not number one is beyond me.

Word has it -- and there is truth to it -- that teammates bet Yanda last season that he couldn't handle getting hit by a taser gun. Not only did Yanda handle it once for three seconds, but two more times afterwards before finally collecting $1,500 from some of his teammates.

"You got to have those kind of crazy people on your team," said Rolle. "Yanda is nuts."

The news of Yanda's apparent immunity to electricity flowing through his body comes just a day after another NFL-er, Buccaneers (and future Brett Favre teammate?) safety Donte Nicholson, found himself on the business end of a police officer's taser. And just like Yanda, Nicholson was not impressed with your voltage (emphasis mine).
When Nicholson refused to stay on the ground, the deputy fired a shot at him with his stun gun, Bordner said.

It didn't faze Nicholson, Bordner said. As Nicholson began to pull the electric probes from his body, the deputy reactivated his Taser, sending another jolt of electricity into Nicholson's body. That subdued Nicholson, who then was arrested, Bordner said.

The top phrase of 2007 was "Don't tase me, bro!" The front-runner for 2008 right now seems to be, "DO tase me, bro!"

(H/T: Deadspin)