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Terrell Owens: Wide Receiver, Popcorn-Eater, Hero?

by Ryan Hudson

Sam Allpour is a columnist for ESPN's Page 2. Early Friday morning, while leaving an ESPY's after-party, Allpour was struck by car, leaving him with pieces of glass in his arm and damage to the automobile so bad that the paramedics said, "Last time I saw a windshield like that, guy lost both his legs."

When Allpour came to, he was shocked to learn who was first to kneel-down next to him and offer help: Terrell Owens.

...[A]ll I could think was..."Holy crap, that's T.O.!"

Terrell Owens was standing over me. I'm told he was the first do-gooder on the scene of the accident. That he helped me to my feet and off the street to safe ground. That he didn't leave my side. It seems the mercurial Dallas Cowboys receiver is my hero. But my hero looks scared, and this scares me.

"Wow, you all right, man?" Owens kept asking me, but in a manner that would suggest there is no possible way that I, in fact, could be all right. "Don't move. Just sit there. Breathe. Don't move."

I'm fine, nothing to worry about, but Owens is so concerned, so kind, and I'm so touched by this -- we hardly know each other -- that I think my lip is quivering. There's a good chance I could break down like T.O. at that news conference.

One of the medics probably summed it up best when he said, "Boy, you think you know somebody, but the media doesn't tell you the whole story. You never know how they really are."

I'd like to think that most people would react in a similar fashion (yes, even T.O.) but still, a nice story (even if, somewhat amazingly, even by his standards, Skip Bayless was left unimpressed).

(H/T: Awful Announcing)