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T.O. Nearly Five Times More Obnoxious Than Ocho-Cinco

by Robbie Gillies

ESPN.com was able to conduct anonymous surveys with NFL head coaches and one of the questions they asked was, "Which Pro Bowl-caliber player would they not want on their roster?" Survey says...Terrell Owens by a wide margin.

Of the 20 coaches that responded, 14 said T.O., while just three said Chad Johnson. The best way to rationalize this is to switch the receivers around. Imagine if Chad Johnson was on the Cowboys and Terrell Owens was on the Bengals.

Chad Johnson has had just one winning season in Cincinnati despite his Pro Bowl numbers year-in and year-out. He might be a slight distraction with his touchdown celebrations, but he produces, and until just recently, hasn't complained.

T.O., on the other hand, can complain no matter what the situation. He was unhappy in San Francisco in 2001 after a 12-4 season; he was unhappy in Philadelphia where he went to the Super Bowl; and while he's been relatively quiet in Dallas, he did possibly try to kill himself by taking too many painkillers.

If Chad Johnson were in Dallas, he would be thrilled to make the playoffs on a consistent basis and his antics would be embraced (as they were when the Bengals were winning).

Terrell Owens, however, would not be able to deal with the Bungles. You would constantly see T.O. doing sit-ups while complaining to reporters.