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What To Watch: Monday

by Ryan Hudson

7pm ET - ESPN - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Boston Red Sox - It's a match-up of the top two teams in our latest RCS Rankings and combined, the Halos and Sox have won over 120 games (and lost just 85). Plus, I'll be there -- look for me.

8pm ET - ESPN2 - 2008 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies - In case you missed it yesterday, I guess. There's a roundtable discussion following at 9pm, if you feel the need for such a thing.

Non-sports Pick: 8pm ET - Discovery Channel - Shark Week - Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa - This is the first of three shows tonight about sharks:

Witness the awesome power of great white sharks hurtling themselves out of the water to attack their prey. Among the most spectacular predatory events in nature, only great whites of South Africa's False Bay engage in this mighty display.