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What To Watch: Thursday

by Robbie Gillies

8:30am ET - Versus - Tour De France: Stage 18 -

A few difficulties still remain through the hills of the Monts du Forez on the road to Saint-Etienne. Watch out for end-of-the race fatigue and long breakaways which could create suspense, just possibly shaking up the overall placings.

7pm - ESPN - MLS All-Star Game
- The MLS will send their best to play against West Ham United of the English Premiere League. Here's a preview.

9:30pm - ESPN2 - WNBA - Shock @ Comets
- The Comets look to get above .500 while the Shock hope to extend their lead atop the Eastern Conference. And you thought I was going to write something about the fight.

Non-sports pick - 8pm -AMC - My Cousin Vinny - From IMDB:

The exchange between the prosecutor and automotive expert about the equipment used to analyze the tires was taken almost verbatim from an actual court transcript. The witness, asked how he analyzed the evidence, answered "I have a dual-column gas chromatograph, Hewlett-Packard model 5710a with flame analyzing detectors." The D.A. quipped, "Does that thing come turbo-charged?" and the witness answered, "Only on the floor models."