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Angels Clear #1 In RCS Rankings

by Jeff Briggs

The LA Angels hold the top spot in the latest MLB RCS Rankings for the third consecutive week. Nine of the top-ten are the same as last week, with the Cardinals moving in and the Mets stepping back. Not a lot of movement overall, with the biggest jump being the Indians, moving from 26th into a tie for 22nd.

The AL East has three teams in the top-five of the rankings, with the Rays leading the pack at number two. It should be interesting to see if the Yankees can stay with the other two while Joba Chamberlain is on the DL. In other division races, the Twins passed the White Sox in the standings during the week, and now they have passed them in the RCS Rankings. The NL West is not all in the bottom half of the rankings this week, as the Diamondbacks were able to sneak into 15th place.