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Braylon Edwards Opts For No Shoes, Regrets Decision

by Ryan Hudson

File this one away in the "stupid idea department."

Braylon Edwards, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, spent his Saturday night in the hospital, recovering from a rather large gash on his right foot. If you're like me, you might be asking yourself, "How does one cut their foot while at football practice where, ya know, you wear cleats?" I'll let the Cleveland Plain-Dealer handle the answer:

He suffered the cut on his foot when he was running lightly in his socks at the end of practice Saturday afternoon with some other receivers. According to a photographer who was shooting the session, Edwards and fellow receiver Donte Stallworth were vying for the lead in a mock race when Stallworth's cleat spiked Edwards' right heel.

Edwards' grimaced in pain on the field while Josh Cribbs wrapped his t-shirt around the foot to stop the bleeding. He then left the field on a cart.

Edwards received stitches and could miss the next two preseason games.