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Coming Soon: A Gilbert Arenas Reality Show?

by Ryan Hudson

Taking part in some sort of promotion or another, Gilbert Arenas appeared on The Big O and Dukes Show earlier today (the mid-day show here in D.C.-area).

The conversation covered a wide assortment of topics, including playing video games, ("Oh, I cheat...I cheat."), the Washington Wizards' off-season moves (overall, he's pleased), how he deals with the criticism received over his new contract (shockingly, he doesn't let it bother him), jersey sales ("I missed the whole year, and my jersey was number 10 [in sales]. Right now, I just beat out LeBron in Olympics for jersey sales, and I'm not even playing in the Olympics..."), not having an agent ("I can market myself - what do I need him for?") and the Wizards' gold jerseys ("I think I was one of the only players that actually liked it at first...I hate the blue jerseys.")

But the highlight, or at least the most exciting part, of the interview came near the end, when one of the hosts, Oscar, asked Agent Zero what a typical Saturday is like for him:

"Ya know, it's funny. I got a -- you ever seen the show, 'Rob and Big?' The producers want to do a reality show on me -- the first NBA player to do a reality show. But then I thought about it -- I was like, my life is really not that exciting.

"Ya know, so, I'm thinking about it, because, ya know, I have players like Nick [Young], who's goofy, so we can do paintball shooting and see who can get hurt on the grotto jumping into the pool..."

A Gilbert Arenas reality-show. I'm not sure the world is ready for that.

You can find the podcast here.