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Country Before Kin

by Robbie Gillies

Clippers' center Chris Kaman has joined Dirk Nowitzki on the German Olympic basketball team (Der Traum Team!). Thing is, Dirk was born in Germany, whereas Kaman was born in Michigan. But because Kaman's great-grandparents were born in Germany, he was able to get German citizenship and play for Deutschland.

Many people are upset with Kaman's decision. (Although, it's not like Kaman had any shot of making Team USA. Not that Kaman is a bad player, but he's no Dwight Howard.) So, when the United States plays Germany (Monday, August 18th at 8am EST) most of the United States will be rooting against Kaman...including his own father.

Kaman told the Detroit Free Press:

“My dad didn’t understand what was going on at first,” Kaman said. “We got it all worked out. Then he was like, ‘If you’re playing USA, I’m going for USA. I hope USA beats you.’"
Despite his dad's Archie Bunker-like patriotism, can you really blame him for rooting against his son? I mean, looking at him, are we sure he can play for any country that is actually on this planet?