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by Robbie Gillies

Chad Pennington had his ups-and-downs with the New York Jets. Inevitably, after multiple surgeries, the Jets came to the conclusion that he could not lead them where they wanted to go, so they traded for Brett Favre. Many Jets fans have been critical of Pennington, especially when it came to his arm strength. He's no Kyle Boller, but he has always been a very accurate and consistent QB. At Jets practice recently, one fan echoed those sentiments to WR Lavernues Coles:

Favre threw a deep ball to Coles during practice. (The pass was incomplete due to pass interference by Darrelle Revis.) When Coles went to the sideline after the play to get a drink of water, a fan yelled, “Chad could never throw it that far.”

Coles’ response? “F–k you.”

Coles added, "How dare you make fun of Chad! After all he's been through! All you people care about is making money off of him! He's a human! LEAVE HIM ALONE! You're lucky he even performed for you bastards! LEAVE CHAD ALONE!"

Actually, I think it's great that Coles stood up for Pennington. Sure, Favre should be an improvement over Pennington, but how can you bash Chad? He's done the best he could for that franchise and led them into the playoffs in three of his six seasons as a starter. He's no Manning, Brady, or Favre, but he's also no Leaf, Rob Johnson, or Akili Smith.