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LeBron's Casual Encounter With The Bush's

by Robbie Gillies

Michael Abramowitz of The Washington Post wrote an interesting piece on President Bush and his father, former President George HW Bush. George Bush Senior rarely gives interviews but opens up about his sons Presidency and his long-standing relationship with China. But, this is a sports blog and what did we take away from the article?

Bush has been typically exuberant in carrying out his duties as honorary Olympics captain. Meeting Team USA with Bush 43 before the game, Bush 41 gave a warm hug to Lakers star Kobe Bryant and received an affectionate greeting from Cavaliers hero LeBron James: "What's up, pops?" the massive James asked.

Wow. How famous do you have to be to go up to the President of the United States and say, "What's up, pops?" No awe. No fumbling of words. No respect. I guess it's not surprising since he's endorsing Obama for President.

I'm pretty sure Yao Ming would be arrested on the spot if he said that to Chinese President Hu Jintao.