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Next On Broadway: A David Beckham Musical?

by Ryan Hudson

If you're David Beckham, and you have already been the most popular athlete on the planet, mastered European soccer and started your conquest of America, what else is there? Having your life made into a musical, obviously.

“Beckham’s story is a modern-day fairytale of heroes, villains, love, Manchester United and what it means to lead your country,’’ explained Mark Archer, the songwriter behind this celebration of Beckham’s first 33 years. “His rise from obscurity to international stardom, his universally acknowledged gifts as a supreme sportsman, and his Hollywood lifestyle all have the elements of an aspirational fable.

“With football and celebrity now firmly established as new secular Western religions, The Theatre of Dreams is set within a cheering football stadium – the modern-day church. The music is powerful, gospel-like rock to establish clearly football and Manchester United as a religion.’’

It is entitled "David Beckham – The Theatre of Dreams," and features musical numbers about meeting Posh (A change has come around/As I worship this ground/With you in my life/We’re turning the world upside down) and the support he received from Manchester United and coach Sir Alex Ferguson (You make me feel so strong/Because I belong).

This begs the question: who is the first American athlete to be "honored" in the same fashion? I have my money on Brett Favre...but Barbaro is a close second.

(H/T: The Superficial)