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They Can Play and They Try To Write: Athlete Blog Wrap-Up

by Jeff Briggs


Rafael Nadal has been meeting with European Player Board representative Ivan Ljubicic and they are hoping to improve the state of the ATP.

David Dellucci discusses the possible banning of maple bats because of their higher frequency of breaking.

Chris Cooley shares this quote from Joe Bugel, "I don't want to see any gobble wobbling like a bunch of chicken-s***s. Snap the ball and hit 'em in the throat. How bout that baby!"


Nothing can make up for the loss of that Olympic experience. I’m sure that at some point I will think of the Olympics and Swimming and not feel so hollow but it probably won’t be soon. All I’m left with are the decisions I have to make to pursue what is right. Not because this situation will ever be made right, we passed that point long ago, but because it is the right thing to do.

That's from swimmer Tara Kirk, who feels the pain of the Olympics happening without her as she watches the closing ceremonies.

Donovan McNabb is thrilled to be on a Sports Illustrated cover.

Chris Cooley is offering an autographed jersey to whoever can recover the Chief's stolen tomahawk.

Rafael Nadal doesn't think about the money when he is playing.

Ryan Rowland-Smith answers some questions about his workout routine and more.

Judo competitor Ronda Rousey shares some personal thoughts about not having a boyfriend, but says she saves her real personal info for her journal, not her blog.

Curtis Granderson thinks Grady Sizemore is having a monster season.

Bengal rookie Keith Rivers has moved into his new apartment.

Jags' rookie Thomas Williams takes 30 seconds every day to tell himself, "wow, this is cool."