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Was Jamaica The Most Impressive Country In Beijing?

by Ryan Hudson

Sure, China won the most gold medals at the Beijing Games - an impressive 51, and 100 overall. But were their accomplishments dwarfed by Jamaica? That's the question posed by Hugging Harold Reynolds, who took the time to compute the Medals Per Capita (might be time to think about getting a hobby).

Using Yahoo's medal tally and Wikipedia's list of countries by population, I have put together unofficial official Medals Per Capita (MPC) lists - 1 based on total medals, the other on gold medals.

As such, China ranks 69th Overall and 47th in Gold MPC.

With these new calculations, Jamaica led the way, scoring a 2.21 in the gold medal MPC. Bahrain finished a distant second, with 1.31.

China was 69th Overall, and 47th in Gold MPC.