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What To Watch: Tuesday

by Robbie Gillies

You can watch any of the Olympic events online, and they're airing events on just about every NBC Universal cable channel, which you can get here, but this will highlight NBC.

10am ET - NBC - OLYMPICS - US Men's Volleyball vs. Germany, US Men's water polo vs. Italy, swimming prelims, and canoe/kayak gold medals are awarded.

8pm - NBC - OLYMPICS -US Men's Volleyball vs. Argentina and women's diving.

10pm - NBC - OLYMPICS - Michael Phelps competes in two events (200m fly and 4x200m free relay), Katie Hoff also has two chances to medal (200m free and 200m IM) and women's team gymnastics final.

Non-sports pick - 10pm - Comedy Central - Demetri Martin. Person. - This one goes out to Michael Phelps:

"To me swimming is a confusing sport because sometimes you do it for fun, but then other times you do it to not die. And when I'm swimming sometimes I don't know which one it is. I gotta go by the outfit. Pants - uh oh. Bathing suit - ok. Naked - we'll see. Should I be swimming faster or am I getting laid?"

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