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Who Knew That Mike Tyson Was At the 2008 Olympics

by Ryan Hudson

Well, he's not really, obviously, but his work continues to inspire boxers of another generation - a boxing match late last night had to be stopped when one of the fighters bit his opponent.

A light heavyweight boxer from Tajikistan was disqualified for biting his opponent on the shoulder during their Olympic quarterfinal bout Tuesday night.

Dzhakhon Kurbanov's bout with Kazakhstan's Yerkebulan Shynaliyev was stopped with 17 seconds left in the third round when Kurbanov apparently bit Shynaliyev during a clinch.

Shynaliyev, who angrily showed the blood on his shoulder to the referee, led 12-6 at the time. Kurbanov had been warned multiple times for shoving and holding his opponent.

Stranger still: Evander Holyfield was in attendance for the fight. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.