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Allan Houston Still Plays Basketball, Will Attempt Another Comeback

by Ryan Hudson

I'll be honest - when I first read this, I had to make sure I hadn't stumbled onto The Onion. Allan Houston, who first retired in October 2005, signed with the New York Knicks on Thursday and will attempt another comeback.

A few highlights to help you remember Allan Houston:

- He's 37 years old
- Hasn't played in three years
- He has chronic knee pain
- He tried a comeback last year, showing up 10 days after practices started and appearing in just one exhibition game
- He's a 37 year-old ... with chronic knee pain
- During the 2006-07 season, despite being retired, he was the second-highest paid player in the NBA at $20.7 million

I guess the Knicks chose to ignore those "minor details," and sign him to a new deal anyways.

Clearly, they've righted the ship there New York.