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Get Ready, Alabama: Here Comes Charles Barkley

by Ryan Hudson

Everyone's favorite outspoken former NBA-er, Charles Barkley, was recently interviewed by The New Republic at the Democratic National Convention to discuss supporting Barack Obama, the DNC, "his own future in politics, and his distressingly Luddite tendencies."

Besides saying that he has "made it these first 45 years without a computer. It is probably too late for me now," Barkley also discussed his long-rumored run for the governor of Alabama.

How seriously are you thinking about running for governor of Alabama in a few years?

I have been seriously thinking about it for ten years. I have not made a final decision.

Does the type of media scrutiny that you would face as a candidate, in terms of your past and your personal life, deter you from running?

Not at all, man. I accept the media for what they are. Most of them are really good people. Some of them are scumbags.

Well, because Al Franken is running for the Senate in Minnesota--

That's an example of bulls*** racism. Nobody says anything about Franken, who I like, Lance Armstrong, who I like, Tom Brady, who I like, running for office. But certain black people or celebrities, when they want to run, the attitude is, "You are kidding me, right?"

But Norm Coleman, the senator Franken is running against, has been using things Franken said when he was a comedian against him.

People can always bring up stuff. When I get involved in politics, I am not even going to talk about what the other guys do. The media likes that. I am not going to sit around saying, "The other guy sucks worse than me." I don't need to be governor; I want to be governor.

The whole interview is typical Barkley: loud, opinionated in-your-face, no-holds-barred...and full of good points.