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Kyle Korver Hopes To Set Records

by Robbie Gillies

Before the beginning of any season, athletes come out with bold predictions, claiming they will set all kinds of records. It's a way for them to excite themselves and their teammates, and to set the bar high.

Well, Utah Jazz Forward Kyle Korver has set a pretty lofty goal for himself. The 3-point specialist hopes to be a part of setting the record for longest kickball game ever played. Korver is aiming to be part of a 25-hour kickball game today that would set the Guinness World Record.

The event is taking place in Philadelphia, near Pat's and Geno's (I'm a Pat's guy myself). What's better than cheese steaks and kickball? (I'd say just cheese steaks.) It's all for a good cause: Korver's foundation is sponsoring the event and their goal is to raise $10,000 for the Helping Hand Rescue Mission in North Philadelphia.

If Korver hopes to stay in the game, he better hope no one hits the ball toward him. He's not exactly known for his defense.

The fact that this is an event for charity almost makes me feel bad for posting that picture...almost.

H/T: AOL Fanhouse