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Lawyers Prove Duke Football Is Pathetic (Now With Video!)

by Robbie Gillies

In June, the University of Louisville sued Duke University for breaking a contract after playing just one game of a scheduled four against each other. To buyout the contract, Duke would have had to pay $150K per game if a "team of similar stature" couldn't be found to replace them. But Duke argued that they were so bad, it would be impossible NOT to find another team to replace them.

Can you imagine how that went down in court? Eh, I'm sure it wasn't actually that entertaining. It was probably bogged down with all sorts of legal jargon and tort law (no idea what that is) -- wait, what? There's video?

Wow, that was amazing. It's so perfect, it almost seems fake. I really hope it isn't, because I really want to believe a lawyer actually said, "The longest losing streak, the inability to ever win games - that's well documented."

H/T: Lion In Oil