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Misadventures In Weekend Skydiving

by Ryan Hudson

Perhaps it was something they ate, or maybe it was something in the air (get it?!), but for whatever reason, it was not a good weekend for skydivers making appearances at sporting events.

First, on Saturday, a pair of skydivers, set to deliver the game ball pre-kickoff for the McNeese State-North Carolina game, swooped in from the sky and planted their feet right on the field at Wallace Wade Stadium. Seemed like a perfect execution, and the crowd certainly appreciated it. Slight problem, though: they landed in the wrong stadium.

The jumpers, clearly confused, instead arrived at the JMU-Duke game, and not UNC's home field, Kenan Stadium, some 10.5 miles from Duke's field. Whoops.

According to UNC assistant athletic director for promotions Michael Beale, the plane was in the air but the jumpers from Virginia-based Aerial Adventures opted to cancel the leap into Kenan Stadium because of weather.

Evidently, when the clouds eventually opened, the pilot thought they were over the correct stadium, and the skydivers jumped -- realizing only when they landed in Wallace Wade that they were in the wrong place.

Meanwhile, on Thursday night, in the Cincinnati Bearcats home opener against Eastern Kentucky, a 40-7 win, the host-school thought it would be a good idea to have their mascot parachute into the stadium. Because apparently jumping out of a plane costume-less has become too easy.

The good news is: the Bearcat landed in the correct stadium. The bad news is: a wire slightly got in his way.

There was a momentary fright when the Bearcat mascot parachuted into the stadium before the kickoff. The parachute got tangled in the wire that holds up the net behind the goal post, leaving the costumed man dangling. The parachute slid loose after a few seconds, and the mascot landed feet-first, fell to his back and jumped up.

It is moments like this for which YouTube was created. Videos of both incidents after the jump.

If you ever parachute into the wrong football stadium: run.

Parachuting in a full mascot costume. What could possibly go wrong?

(H/T: 850 the Buzz and The Sporting News)