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Seattle Seahawks: Officially Desperate

by Ryan Hudson

Do you live in the greater-Seattle area? Have you ever caught a football before? -- backyard two-hand touch is acceptable.

You have? Perfect -- you should take a drive over to over to Qwest Field then, because the Seattle Seahawks could probably use you at wide receiver.

The Seahawks have already lost six wide outs to injury this year, including one who was also their backup quarterback, and in an act of desperation, yesterday they traded for Keary Colbert and resigned Koren Robinson.

Colbert caught zero passes in two games for Denver this season, and last year, with Carolina, totaled 32 receptions. He hasn't caught a touchdown since 2005.

Robinson, who is already listed at the team's number-one receiver for this Sunday, says himself that he thought he'd never return to Seattle, the team that made him their No. 1 overall pick in 2001.

"Just because of the terms and circumstances I left Seattle on, I never thought I'd be back," Robinson said.

Robinson said the final incident that caused him to abandon his partying ways came in August 2006. Police said Robinson, then with the Minnesota Vikings, led them on a car chase at speeds more than 100 mph, and that his blood-alcohol content was found to be 0.11 percent, above the legal limit of 0.08.

Robinson was sentenced to 90 days in jail after pleading down to a charge of fleeing police. He also was sentenced to three months in jail for violating probation on a separate drunken-driving case in Kirkland, Wash., in 2006.

The NFL suspended him for one year then reinstated him last October. He caught 21 passes and returned kickoffs in nine games last season for Green Bay. If Robinson violates the league's substance-abuse policy again, he faces a lifetime ban.

So, Seattle's four wide receivers this weekend:

- Koren Robinson: history of alcohol problems, was previously unsigned until yesterday

- Courtney Taylor: four receptions this season, bringing his career total to nine catches

- Billy McMullen: three receptions this season

- Michael Bumpus: two receptions for nine yards last week, undrafted rookie, last name is Bumpus

In other words, sit Matt Hasselbeck on your fantasy team this week.