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They Can Play and They Try To Write: Athlete Blog Wrap-Up

by Jeff Briggs

Andre Ethier gives some restaurant reviews, here are this thoughts on pizza:

Also, I am a thin-crust guy (I know, I know, but the argument ends there with me. There will be no discussions or persuading me on this. I just don't see the point to overwhelm a slice with all that bread). Anyway, carbs are out people! Get with it...thin's in. The battle on this topic will rage on, but I won't hear it!

Keith Rivers is getting ready for the Ravens on his day off.

Thomas Williams is listening to advice from vets and finding his routine.

Chris Cooley puts up video from his fantasy draft with some other Skins.

David Dellucci worries about his family and the rest of the areas damaged by Gustav that are not New Orleans.

Marcellus Wiley checks in with his former teammate Kenny Pettway, to see how his other former teammate, Richard Collier, is doing after being shot.