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Videos That Make Me Happy And Embarrassed To Be A Redskins Fan

by Jeff Briggs

As a Redskins fan, you understand that being one of the most popular teams in football means there are a lot of fans on your side, some better than others.

The Bad
Unfortunately, I have to group myself together with people like Silvio DiSalvatore, who seems like he'd be much more at home being a Giants fan. Video courtesy of DC Sports Bog (some NSFW language):

The Good
For every idiot that I have to group myself with, there are 1,000 awesome things about being a Redskins fan. One of those things, as we've been posting here at RCS, are Chris Paul's rap songs. Chris Paul (not the basketball player, a DJ for DC radio station, WPGC 95.5) takes a hit rap song, and changes the lyrics to make it relevant to the Redskins and their upcoming opponent. Here is the one from last week if you missed it:

He has been coming out with these songs on the radio for years, and now they have found homes on You Tube, complete with highlights. Keep on eye on the RCS video log for new Chris Paul raps every Thursday.