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What To Watch: Weekend Edition

by Robbie Gillies


7pm - ESPN - MLB - Rays at Yankees - Yankees try to play the spoiler as the Rays try to keep space between themselves and the Red Sox. If you predicted this before the season started, you're lying.

8pm - ESPN2 - NCAA Football - #13 Kansas at #19 South Florida -
The beef on Kansas last season was their weak schedule. This game would be a big win for both teams in terms of the BCS picture. Consider this a warm-up for Ohio St.-USC (and hey, this one will probably even be a better game).

Non-sports pick - TBS - 8pm - Seinfeld: "The Face Painter" -
As we've told you before, there are better ways to support the team.


12pm - ESPN - NCAA Football - #23 California at Maryland -
A classic game of offense vs. defense, as California has averaged 52 points through two games whereas Maryland has allowed an average of 15.5 points. What you need to know about Maryland: their starting quarterback, Chris Turner, has developed the nickname "Chris Turnover."

12pm - ESPN2 - NCAA Football - Florida Atlantic at Michigan State - For some reason, Florida Atlantic has more games on national television than Michigan State this season. That just doesn't seem right.

3:30pm - ABC/ESPN - NCAA Football - Arkansas at #8 Texas -OR- #16 Oregon at Purdue -OR- #17 Penn State at Syracuse -OR- Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech - You should hope you don't get Penn St.-Syracuse or the Tech's.

3:30pm - CBS - NCAA Football - #2 Georgia at South Carolina - I hope Georgia does all sorts of ridiculous things to ensure their spot on SportsCenter.

3:30pm - NBC - NCAA Football - Michigan at Notre Dame -
The two most storied programs in college football history play...for pride.

3:30pm - FOX - MLB - Braves at Mets -OR- Brewers at Phillies -OR- Tigers at White Sox - Don't forget about baseball this weekend.

7pm - ESPN2 - NCAA Football - #9 Auburn at Mississippi State - Mississippi State upset Auburn last year on the road to start SEC play. Can they repeat that feat?

7:45pm - ESPN - NCAA Football - #3 Oklahoma at Washington
- Let's see how Washington bounces back after that celebration call robbed them at a chance of beating BYU.

8pm - ABC - NCAA Football - #5 Ohio State at #1 Southern California - If Beanie Wells doesn't play, do the Buckeyes have a shot?

10:30pm - NCAA Football - ESPN2 - #10 Wisconsin at #21 Fresno State - Wisconsin RB PJ Hill is always a load to try and slow down, and Wisconsin might also might get Travis Beckum back for this game. Beckum could be the best TE in college football, but has been out the first two weeks with a hamstring injury.

Non-sports pick - 11:35pm - NBC - Saturday Night Live - Will Michael Phelps sink or swim as the host. Get it? Cause he's such a good swimmer... Anyways, what I really hope is he does a sketch with musical guest Lil Wayne.


1pm - CBS - NFL - Check the map for your game.

1pm - FOX - NFL - Check the map.

1:30pm - TBS - MLB - Blue Jays at Red Sox -
Roy Halladay heads to the mound to face the Sox. Halladay is 2-1 with a 2.10 ERA against Boston this year and has two complete games.

4pm - CBS - NFL - Check the map.

8pm - ESPN - MLB - Tigers at White Sox - Remember when the Tigers were supposed to win the AL Central? Well, at least they have a chance to hurt the White Sox' chances of doing that.

8:15pm - NBC - NFL - Steelers at Browns - There's little doubt that one of these two teams will win the AFC North, and right now the Steelers look to be the favorites.

Non-sports pick - TNT - 6pm - Old School followed by Wedding Crashers - If you watch closely, you can pinpoint the exact moment Will Farrell's shtick went from funny to lame.