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Why Bloggers Get A Bad Name

by Robbie Gillies

Of course, when the term blogger comes up, the immediate reaction is, 'Yeah, there are some talented people in that realm, but the majority of stuff produced is vulgar and snarky.' And unfortunately that general description was propagated during a media call with Pete Carroll on Tuesday. From CBS Sports:

A questioner identifying himself and his affiliation as "Steve Marsh, uh, College Blog" asked Carroll: "Would you ever reward your players with sex with Britney Spears or the Jonas Brothers?"

Carroll could understand the question at first but eventually responded, "That's really not in my realm of control here, but of course I wouldn't. I wouldn't have anything to do with that. I'm not even addressing the answer any more than that." But somehow that was not the end of it. Somehow this caller had not yet been cut off and actually got in a follow-up question:
CALLER: What about trading in some of your players for, you know, the Trojan condoms? You ever think about (that)?
Carroll: Will somebody screen this frickin' call guys, let's go.
CALLER: Coach, one more question ...
Carroll: Dude, I'm off this one. Thanks a lot, Ohio State. That was a great job there.

First off, I'm fine with a GOOD prank call, but this was far from that. Where is the creativity? How about asking Carroll, "How did John C. Reilly beat you out for that role in Step Brothers?"

Or how bout "Don't you think facebook loses it's value if you accept EVERYONE as your friend? And also, it's your move on Scrabulous."

But no, this guy had to be sophomoric and go for a cheap laugh, and in the process, setback blogs and bloggers, again.