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Why The George Brett Video Has Been Removed

by Robbie Gillies

Last Friday, we posted a video of George Brett discussing a very embarrassing moment he had after eating at a buffet in Vegas. Unfortunately for those that haven't seen it, it has been removed from YouTube. From the Kansas City Star:

The video has been removed from the Web site at the request of Time Warner/Metro Sports, according to Damon Porter, director of public affairs for Time Warner.

Porter told us that the original footage was shot for Metro Sports as part of some typical spring-training coverage in which players or coaches are miked up for future programs. Brett serves as a Royals instructor during spring training.

But Porter said the particular footage that found its way to YouTube was never meant to be aired.

“It was never shown by us, and it shouldn’t have been shown anywhere,” he said. “For that, we apologize. We apologize to George Brett and to the Royals.”

The video is copyright protected and is the property of Time Warner and thus shouldn't have been released. But how could you deny the public that gem? As far as apologizing to George Brett, I guess you have to do that, but I'm hoping Brett doesn't care at all and will laugh this one off. as we all have. It's videos like these that make athletes likable. It seems that nearly everyday we hear about another athlete being arrested, but it's stories like the one Brett shared that make athletes endearing.