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Boston Nation Jinxing Themselves Again?

by Robbie Gillies

In late January, the Patriots were preparing for Super Bowl XLII and an chance to go 19-0. At the same time, The Boston Globe was preparing to profit off this feat. On Amazon.com, "19-0: The Historical Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots" by The Globe was already available for pre-order. Well, I think the New England area learned their lesson on counting their ducks before...


This shirt is being sold at Barstoolsports.com, a blog centered around Boston sports. Now maybe this is simply optimistic about all Boston teams, in which upon winning a championship they are paraded around the city on Duck Boats, but posting this shirt just before the ALCS starts? The post says, "The shirts will ship in 7 days. So don't freak out if you buy one today and don't have it by the end of business tomorrow." But it's conceivable that the shirt could be ordered and the Red Sox could be eliminated in 4 or 5 games before receiving the shirt.

It's this reckless arrogance that give Boston fans a bad name. Well, that and their raging alcohol problems.