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Hope Tom Brady Loves Surgeries

by Ryan Hudson

File this one away in the "I'm no doctor, but that can't be a good thing" category: Tom Brady has undergone three surgeries to clean out the infection in his knee.

The Dreamboat quarterback acknowledged last week that he did in fact suffer a setback after the initial ACL operation, and that doctors went back in there to "clean and to test the wound," but now news of an additional two procedures is being reported by the Boston Herald.

Doctors are so concerned about containing the infection in Tom Brady’s left knee they have performed three procedures in an attempt to eradicate it, according to a source familiar with the Patriots [team stats] quarterback’s travails on the West Coast.

According to the source, the fear is the patellar tendon graft used to replace Brady’s anterior cruciate ligament is in danger of becoming compromised. Should that occur, the entire ACL reconstruction would have to be removed and redone from scratch.

Brady is currently receiving IV antibiotics, and will continue to do so for another six weeks.

Obviously, any setbacks now run the risk of delaying his return to the playing field, and if the doctors cannot properly clean up the infected knee, we could be seeing a lot more of Matt Cassel come 2009.

UPDATE: As you might imagine, the Patriots are not pleased with this situation.