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Don't Worry: Braylon Edwards is Still a Michigan Man

by Ryan Hudson

During Monday night's New York Giants-Cleveland game, Brown's WR Braylon Edwards was seen during a pre-game video clip, wearing a shirt with a Penn State logo. One problem: Edwards is a Michigan grad. As Deadspin put it, "We know that the Wolverines have been struggling lately, but Penn State, a Big Ten rival? That's cold, man."

Not so fast. Straight Bangin', a blog that offers "truth about hip-hop, politics, sports, and life..." (but really is just a great source for new hip-hop MP3's), and authored by a Wolverine, has rather quickly solved the case.


So not to worry: Edwards is still proudly supporting his Wolverines. And seemingly will continue to do so after they lose to Penn St. by 30 this Saturday.