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Cheerleading Is More Dangerous Than Football

by Robbie Gillies

Every weekend, college and professional football players put their bodies on the line and risk serious injuries in competition. But the football players aren't the only ones in danger on the field. In a study done by the National Centre for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research, cheerleaders are actually at greater risk of injury than football players:

The incidence of injuries causing paralysis or disability was 2.68 per 100,000 cheerleaders, which eclipses the figure for American football, where there are more fatalities but a lower ratio of injuries to participants.

The problem stems from the lack of regulation involved in cheerleading. But the National Cheer Safety Foundation is trying to change that. The founder of the organization Kimberly Archie said, "Cheerleading isn't really regulated at all. People make up their own rules because cheerleading is not considered sport. For years it was just seen as cute girls on the sideline, even though the injuries are outrageous...We have coaches without resuscitation and first aid training. I'd like to see a national youth sports safety act."

Football organizations have realized the danger of their sport and have spent a lot of time and money to improve safety measures to protect the players. While cheerleading doesn't generate the same income as football, these issues need to be addressed before more young girls get needlessly injured.

It's enough that Jason Street is paralyzed but we can't have Lyla falling to the same fate.

H/T: Deadspin