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JMU Wins At Villanova Thanks To A Hail Mary

by Ryan Hudson

I spent the weekend in New York City with friends, which while fun, it meant I was not sedentary on my couch watching football, and thus missed seeing JMU complete yet another wild win. Fortunately, about half the sporting blog community are fellow Dukes.

So that's an upset win over then-No. 1 Appalachian State (after trailing 21-0 at the half), completing a wild, late-minute comeback at Richmond two weeks ago, and now they've gone and won a game on a Hail Mary pass as time expired. All in all, it's been an absurdly crazy year for JMU (your No. 1 team in the FBS FCS (still getting use to that, sorry) don't forget).

If you so desire, a longer clip of the game's final drive is after the jump. Thanks to fellow JMU-alumni Jamie Mottram and Brian Powell for the videos.