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Another Athlete Endorsement for Obama - Starbury!

by Robbie Gillies

Stephon Marbury has always been a man of the people. He has kept the Starbury’s, his line of shoes, affordable to everyone. But sometimes he has seemed a little "off," maybe even a little insane (the best part is around 4:30 and beyond. The way his mind wanders makes my head hurt). So, what better place for him to watch the debates than a homeless shelter! From New York Magazine:

Stephon Marbury watched the final presidential debate in the common room of a homeless shelter on the Bowery with a bunch of guys he met at Two Boots pizza.He kept his eyes on the tiny TV, laughing and scoffing along with the residents as McCain spoke—Marbury does a pretty good imitation of the senator—and smiling when it was Obama’s turn. “Look at Obama,” Marbury said, pointing at the screen. “You feel him. We feel him. You can feel his spirit when he speaks.” At one point, when the debate turned to the economy, Marbury snorted. “Middle class? We don’t have a middle class anymore.” As the millionaire said those words, the homeless agreed. “I love Starbury,” an excited resident said, referring to Marbury’s affordable sneaker and clothing line. “I can get hot shoes for like $30. Jordan wants me to pay $100.” Others gave him career advice. “Hey, you know, I see you doing good in the sixth-man role,” one resident offered. “It’s just a game,” Marbury answered, pointing at the screen. “There’s more to life.”

Whoa. Getting philosophical on us. I can't help but think they cut off his quote though, and he continued with incoherent nonsense like he always does. But aside from entertaining us with his amazingly bizarre interviews, he has been giving back to the community for years and he must be commended for that.

H/T: AOL Fanhouse