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Marvin Harrison Is Getting Sued

by Ryan Hudson

Remember back in the spring, when Colts' receiver Marvin Harrison was linked to a shooting that occurred in Philadelphia? Well, despite the lack of recent headlines, it is still considered an open investigation, and new information has now come out since the April 29th incident:

- Harrison and Dixon squabbled for two weeks before the shooting after they exchanged words in Playmakers, a bar on 28th Street near Cambridge that Harrison owns.

- Ballistics tests proved shell casings found at the shooting scene had been fired from Harrison's gun, a Belgian-made FN5.7, law-enforcement sources said.

- Detectives found the firearm in Harrison's garage on Thompson Street.

- Witnesses and Dixon separately identified Harrison as the shooter, the sources said.

Harrison confessed that he had indeed been in a fight with Dixon, the victim, but had nothing to do with the shooting, and he has yet to be charged with any crime. But now he's being sued by Dixon, to the tune of over $100,000.

Their reasoning, according to Robert M. Gamburg, Dixon's attorney: "Look, it's our position that Marvin Harrison was the shooter."