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NFL Reporters - Now With Two Scoops!

by Ryan Hudson

Late Wednesday night, in response to Fox Sports' Jay Glazer suggesting that there should be a scorecard kept among him and other NFL reporters ("I've got no problem going record for record. In fact I'd like to do that."), we introduced the RCS NFL Scoop Counter, a way to keep track of and quantify who's getting the big scoops, to determine who really is the Royalty of Reporting NFL news. Since Week 1 of the NFL season, Glazer, not surprisingly, is in the lead, based on the number of big stories he was the first to report.

Now, spurred on by readers' demand, and seemingly Glazer himself, Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk.com has decided to launch a similar scorecard on his site.

Why keep track of all this? Well, as Florio points out, “ESPN has this tendency to disregard Glazer’s and [NFL Network's Adam] Schefter’s reports until Mort or Clayton confirm them. An actual tally might stop ESPN from its current tactics of claiming to have reported everything first.”

Much like our NFL Scoop Counter, PFT's scorecard will feature, "...the scoop, the person who broke it, whether it was confirmed by a credible independent media outlet..." While Florio will keep tabs on all stories, including those misreported or inaccurately cited, our focus will remain on tracking confirmed reports, awarding points for the importance and relevancy of the story.

We here at RCS are excited about the new PFT scorecard. By following it, along with the RCS NFL Scoop Counter, NFL fans can know who to trust and who to rely on for breaking news, with proper credit being given where and when it is due.