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Sean Payton Struggles To Explain Football To Londoners

by Ryan Hudson

The New Orleans Saints, fresh off a trouncing at the hands of the Carolina Panthers and a red-eye, trans-Atlantic flight, arrived in London on Monday in preparation for Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers. Despite being jet-lagged and still having to, ya know, actually prepare for the Chargers, the Saints main job this week is to act as an ambassador of the NFL, a process that can be frustrating (to say the least), as Sean Payton experienced first hand when he tried to explain exactly how football works.

"I think the basic premise is trying to advance the football into the opponent's end zone," Payton patiently described. "You only get three downs, or four downs to do it, to make 10 yards. And if you can't get it to the end zone, you have the option of kicking it through the uprights."

When the reporter asked what a "down" was, Payton sighed.

"You're tough," he said with a laugh. "I'm going to send you a book."

As long as Payton is mailing books on how the game of football works, might as well pass a copy along to Herm Edwards, as well.