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"He's About 455 Yards Away. He's Gonna Hit A 2-Iron I Think"

by Robbie Gillies

When I was a kid I wanted to be a caddy. Not like, for my career or anything, but just to make some pocket change. I know nothing about golf, but carrying around a bag for a couple hours and getting a big tip because of it sounded pretty sweet to me. I've had some "cool" jobs so far in my life, from working at a toy store, to working on multiple sitcoms, to the NFL Network, and now this website, but after reading a story from The Dominion Post, I think I might have chosen the wrong field:

[Steve] Williams, Tiger Woods' caddie since 1999, handed over a $1 million cheque to Starship children's hospital in Auckland yesterday...Woods won more than $12.65 million in prize money last year and Williams is believed to earn up to 10 per cent of his total prize money.

Not bad for carrying around someone's bag. I admit to being completely naive about how much a caddy actually does, and I'm sure it requires a lot of knowledge of the game and a certain personality to be a great caddy, but being a millionaire because of it?

Well, I learned how to do yo-yo tricks and juggle working at a toy store, so there.