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The Inevitable Article: Can Titans Go Undefeated?

by Robbie Gillies

Well, it was bound to be brought up eventually, and the Nashville City Paper decided to do it now before the Titans lose and they can no longer write an article about the Titans going undefeated this season. Of course, the paper called Mercury Morris to get his take on the situation, and his response was at first surprising, and then really dumb. The surprise:
“I’ll be watching the Tennessee Titans, and I hope to see them go unbeaten. We’d like a little company.”
And now the dumb:
“I thought [the Patriots] were a great team. But their goal should not have been to aspire to greatness, but simply to win. How about winning? At the end of the day, you have to win."
Wait, isn't that how you aspire to greatness? By winning?
“They had gone through the season unbeaten and the through playoffs, and they thought that was the biggest thing. But the Super Bowl was the biggest thing, and when you get right down to it, ironically, they couldn’t win the big one.”
Does he really believe the Patriots didn't realize the goal was the Super Bowl? You think Bill Belichick went 16-0 and thought, "Eh, good enough for me!"

It's comments like this that makes me think Morris should be an analyst on ESPN's First Take.

H/T: ProFootballTalk